Do you think you have mastered everything on the web ????

There is always more out there for you to play with and discover. Have you ever heard of Awareness Tools? They allow you to stay on top of things…since there are so many things out there to keep track of. So there are two main types of awareness tools (1) social awareness tools (2) automated awareness tools. Who would have thought that there are categories let alone a “thing” that serves the main purposes of allowing you to keep track of things. So like I said earlier social awareness tools allow the reader to contribute to whatever story he or she is interested in. A good example of this would be reddit. You can contribute to the story, vote it up and yes, even vote it down (you can even do something called digg, which I shall talk about later). I came across something really interesting on reddit about arranged marriages “5 Year Old Bride“.  Thank you reddit it for making me think the world can get just a little sicker than I thought it was. But then again if it was not for reddit then I would not have come across this story. Thanks.. I think…

I do have to say one thing about reddit, as fun as I think it is. The stories can be there one minute and gone the next. It gets undated pretty fast. But then again, news is always happening. It always depends on the popularity of a story.

I also came across this picture on reddit and thought it was super kool !

As I mentioned earlier you can do something thats called digg. When you go on the website “digg” you see the top news pieces and some are from peoples submissions. You then do what we call digg, were if you digg then the its like voting for the news story and its gains popularity. The more you do it the better. You can either check out the ones that are on there but you can also add ones of your own. I think thats funs since it allows for you to see if there are people out there that share the same insights as you on something that made the head lines. Its a fun way to connect. Althought I think it is fun it is a little time consuming. I like the idea but I am not sure that I would really want to spend a little extra time and do it.

Moving on to a more serious matter, automated awareness tools. Most if not all of you have used something like this at one point or another. A great example would be Google News. We have ALL used Google and if you have been keeping up with my posts then I talked about Google news and all the other wonderful things Google has come up with to make our lives that much easier. I was not an avid user of Google news because as much as I am glued to my computer the majority of the time; I still think that news is better on TV.  What Google news  does is it pools all the top stories from everywhere and feeds you what they think are the tops stories. There is no reader input. It is like a giant newspaper of the world via the internet and its basically free. Which I think is great, but I still prefer watching it on TV.

No one ever knows what is head line worthy…

Alright readers, happy readings S

Foreign Food <- click to listen to my podcast

Hey guys, its finally here my podcast !!!! and the crowd goes wild …… moving on so here are the links to several of the sites that I mention in my podcast chowhound the other is Google Groups and finally the Travel Forum

This would be a typical way you would eat poutine, with a hotdog. This one is from a fast food joint called La Belle Province (means the pretty province)

If you have travel plans in your futur heres something to keep in mind …

travel size is key ….

Chow, S

Everyday I discover some new thing one the internet.  The internet is like a bowl of chex mix you never know what you are going to get; you might a pretzel a little toastlet or some cracker. Today I discovered Netvibes, what is netvibes you ask ? Netvibes is a dashboard publishing platform for the web. Lets say you have several RSS feeds that you are listening to via Google reader, Yahoo or Bloglines. The great thing about Netvibes is its lets you gather all of your RSS feeds in one place. Is that not great ?! I can have all the thing I am inerested in, in one convinient location. Everything from Biology to Music and my secret guilty pleasures things that have to do with Baking. In addition as long as you make you account public then anyone can see it and see what you are interested in and what you have going on. Getting my Netvibes account was really easy. All I had to do was sign up confirm my e-mail and I was ready to start collecting my feeds. For the record if I say that something like this is easy then you know that it is easy. We all remember how long it took me to get Delicious up and running.

For those of you who are curious to see what I have my noise in late at night reading you can check out my Netvibes account : 3dayeventer

After this discovery I thought would it not be cool to have the same sort of feed coming into my blog ever day. Well guess what…thats right I now have a Biology feed coming into my blog page everyday. All the things I love on one page. As the days go on I am discovering new and amusing things to do with the internet.

Alright readers I need to run, S

~Good evening readers~

–>So today I want to talk to you about something that you may or may not be aware of. I am sure that most of you have gmail accounts. What makes gmail so easy to use is that the majority of hand held devices use gmail. Those of you that have an iPhone or Droid now what I am talking about.  I have a gmail account,  I have a hotmail account and I also have and account for school. But did you know that Google took its services even one step further. I am not talking about Google Books which might I say is really convenient. Google now has Google Docs. Its pretty much the same as Microsoft word with one major exception…when you send a document from Google docs and allow the people you sent it to to edit ; it will allow all of you to edit the docuement at the same time! Yes all of you can be on the document at the same time editing it and seeing what other person is writing as he or she is doing it. It is awesome !!!!!!! I tried it with a few people today and let me tell you we laughed and it quickly turned into a really random document.

This is just one of the images that ended up in our google doc file

Need I say more…….

–>You can also make questionnaires {for those lucky few I have sent you my questionnaire ;)} send them to people and the results can be neatly displayed in charts and tables all from Google. Even better that Word, but there is one small downfall. You need the internet. There I said it. Without the internet there is no way of doing anything via Google Docs….

So when your internet goes down

Next time my computer crashes and I need to get into my Google Docs thats who I am calling. Seems legit…

–>Coming back to something more serious. As you all know Apple does not like getting left behind so when the cloud came out Apple followed. Its called iCloud and we all know that when Apple comes out with something then its legit !!!!! I am sure that soon or later I shall get around to playing with it and seeing what its all about … If Apple keeps coming out with great products then I might come to the dark side I shall keep you posted on  developments.

Bonsoir, S

Alright fellow readers here are the new things that I am playing around with. Its called social bookmarking and to make our lives easier there are sites out there that do it for you. All you have to do is download them and Voila! So here are a few sites that you might want to check out Delicious, Connotea and Diggo. I am a new memeber of deliscious, I cannot say it was easy; but then again thats because the computer and I only share one type of relationship…Professional we do not fraternize. Its buissness.

So I go ahead and sign up get an account, well i recently started using Google Chrome since I was disappointed by Internet Explorer. For those of you who currently use chrome and at one time or another used something else you will notice that the task bar/ tool bar  up on top is not the same on chrome. There was when I ran into my first bit of trouble. How to get the bookmark shortcut/add on thing we need. Needless to say that took a few more minutes then it should have. I am still not convinced that it is working the way it should be ….. success we are back up and running readers. Once again that only took too much time. I retract my earlier statement the task bar tool bar is pretty much the same I just had it on a different setting. Moving one !

Needless to say…this is how  I felt when it was not working……..

Back on track readers, it you want to check out my Delicious just click –> Tuxi. There is only like one thing on it, but I am working on it. Like I am sure you have come to notice…Computer things take me a hot minute. Even after all this fusing I think I am actually going to like using Delicious. Once installed its simple to us and really makes thigs easy if you think about it.

At this point in my journey I am feeling curious and might attempt to tour the other Social Bookmarking sites I mentioned earlier. So many tools at out disposition.

Later, S

Alright readers so here is the scoop as I am sure all of your are familiar with youtube (and if you aren’t than what on earth are you waiting for ???!!!) I will admit that at first I was in the dark about youtube. But then one day I really wanted to listen/find a song I had heard on the radio and one of my friends suggested youtube. It was all the range at the time therefore I decided why not. As it turns out I am now an avid user of youtube and I love watching the videos !!! Yes free videos about and anything and everything (that is not xxx anyways) which to be frank does not belong on a pubic website like this.

If you guys want to check out a video of mine take a peek here, this was during Summer of 2010 at a summer camp that I was working at. Yes I am in the video and no you are not allowed to make fun of it !!!

There is this other website that is like youtube but this one caters to a more specific gerne; everything on this site has to do with fails. Yes, that right people that have tried things (planned or not) and have failed at them in such a hilarious manner that they could not help but upload them and allow the world to have a laugh at them. I would like to welcome you to epicfail. You have to take a look at this it is absolutely hilarious, some of them are down right dumb but others are worth a laugh or two. They also have a place in this site that offers pictures with I think is a fun extra that sets it apart from youtube.

For those of you who are knew at this there are tones of places on the net that will show you and five you the know how as to making videos and other little/short montages. You can consult Jing or CamStudio, most of them have a free version and then one that you have to pay for. Personally if you are  going to do this and take it seriously then I would go ahead and spend a little since from personal experience the free ones are not that great. There are also other places and hints that I can sugest, I am no expert but I can certainly help and get you started.

By the way, I did not forget about the little promise I make in my last blog, but sadly it is still a work in progress 🙁

Cya, S



by sboudrea

The topic of the day was podcasting. Now I am sure that most of you are at least familiar with the concept of podcasting or have at least heard something or other of it. I most certainly had and thanks to the help of  iTunes I part took in the guilty pleasure of enjoying them. I would rather not say which one I was listening to since it might offend some readers, but I will inform you that there are podcasts out there for everyone. There quick, easy and convenient to use.  All you have to do is subscribe and voila ! New podcasts are uploaded to you device and you can take them any where. Personally, I would have mine sent to my iPod and then I would listen to them in the car when there was nothing good on the radio. Bonus my readers, if you do not own anything that allows you to upload them and take them with you can access then directly via the site and they have built in players that allows you to listen to them on site. But wait ! Its get even better……Free. Thats right the majority of them are free of charge.

If you choose to take it one step further for those of you who are adventurous out there, you can even create your own podcasts and have people subcribe to yours. How to get started is always the hardest thing. There are several sites out there that give you tutorials and help you get started like Audacity and Talkshoe. I personally am a little hesitant myself but  readers tell you what how about I give it a try and maybe tom if it works I shall have something to show for it. Sound like a deal ?!

<– look they even have shirts !!!!!! Pickle …

I also heard about this other place called Podcast Pickle. Bit of an odd name but I thought why not give it a try. Well here is the 411 I thought it would be interesting to compare a small business podcast from here (podcast pickle) and from iTunes. Well let me tell you, I could not do it. Finding them was fine, but when it came to listening to them negative. Not to sound mean or anything but this is not for me. I shall most certainly stick to mine (undisclosed nature).  But all in all I would like to say that I think they are cool and who knows there might be somehting special on my blog page tomorrow readers.

Later, S



by sboudrea

We’ve all done thing in our lives that have most likely not turned out the way that we want… ever wonder what it would like to live in a world were can just hit exit and resume later ? Are you might be a shy person and have trouble making friends and talking to people. There is an alternate out there for you, why not get a Second Life ?!

Before you ask yes this is exactly as the name sounds, it is a virtual world. You are transported into this alternate realm. You can be anyone you want to be, alternate your gender or be a non-human avatar, be a Goth Asian or what ever you want to dream up. Make him or her or look like anyone you want.

So I am sure with all this talk you kind of know were this is going, ladies and gents I have done it. There is another me out there;  welcome to second life Demytra, the new me. Then I got thinking is this other realm open to kids of all ages ? Lets face it a 12 years old should not be playing in the same realm as a 45 year old. This was a question that only Google could answer. So as it turns out there are other Virtual Worlds that cater to different age groups;  Club Penguin caters to those who are not in there tween yet(geez if only i could this at that age); then theres also Gaia which would be for people in there teens. It was with this research that I learnt that Second Life was designed for adult users, thank god ! This could have gotten messy really fast.

As it turns out someone very dear works with Second Life and when they found out that I was taking a walk on the other side. They jumped at the chance to come and spend some time with. So we spent and hour or so teleporting and flying, and and I would be lying if I said that is was not cool.

Alright readers the Virtual World calls, S



by sboudrea

I am the proud owner of yet another e-mail account, e-mail accounts are like credit cards. One credit card just not seem to enough, we want more ! We all have the “in case of emergency credit card”, the everyday credit card and the credit card we got just because we could. Well I have gone through the same thing with my e-mail accounts. Theres the private one which only my close friends get, theres the one that I use when I want to receive info and special promos and finally theres the junk one for that “I  do not really want you to have my e-mail but I’ll give it to you anyways”.  Moving on, I got a Yahoo e-mail to be able to play with Flickr :).  I was not very familiar with Flickr  but decided to give it a try anyways, and I like it. I looked at the most recent activity and there was the cutest picture of a black puppy so cute !!!!  There was also a very picturesque photo of a lighthouse, very nice.

There is this thing that you could do with designes and words being incorporated into one image, need I tell you how that turned out…. I think not. But I shall keep playing and something is bound to work out. I thought it would be cool to make a collage, little did I know all the downloading, uploading and file sharing that I would have to do. Good heavens, that was the least enjoyable part of the whole experience. But the upside it that I can upload the montage I did to places like Facebook and even Twitter (sweet !). So I go threw all of this fusing to download the program and then finally when I am done and super excited to upload my master piece it decides that it wants nothing to do with life and shuts down on me…….Not being the most computer savvy person I took this as a sign and decided to hang my mouse up and try again later.

Explorer XVII SatelliteLook at this great picture I found on commons, doesn’t it look like something out of a a space movie ?!?!?

Until our next chat, S

Have you ever tried to search something on several different sites and you never end up with the same results. Do not deny it, it has happened to you. It happens to everyone. To male things interesting I searched “violent crimes” in 4 different search engines Google Uncle Same, Google News, Google Scholar and finally Wikiepedia. I will admit that these search engines are all slightly different in the field that they cater too. But I thought it would be interesting to see if any of the same hits appeared on either of the site. Just as I thought no luck. It was worth a try.

I was reading an article online the other day and I asked myself the question how credible is the information I am reading? Turns out that things are not always what they appear to be. So next time you are reading an article why not keep a few things in mind. Try searching for the author of the article, what are his or her credentials?  There are certainly other things to look for, but personally I think that these are the most important.

  • I read an article that had to to with helping someone who had an eating disorder, were do I begin…  simplest of all things  I was not able to locate the author. That right there is not a hit with me. Second the article itself contained very little information on helping someone with an eating disorder. It had more link than it needed. The majority of the information that someone would have found useful was accessible via a link. Although I agree have links is great lets you look at other sources, but this should not be the only thing. Personally I do not think this is a website I would use nor would I recommend as resourceful.
  • Cells phones have become a big topic of conversation; and just about everyone ranging from young to old owns a cell phone. But with such popularity comes a price, people are constantly on their phones. From the classroom to the car and even during the movies.  A women by the name of Beth Lynne wrote an article on suite 101 (which for those of you who are not in the loop, it is an online Canadian Magazine that publishes freelance writers). I found what she had to say interesting. She is a teacher and I thought that was a great addition because she was able to give us an inside view of cell phones being used in school. Definitely gained points with me., I am not sure that I would use it for research. If anything I would do some additional research and maybe try some data bases.

There is one more article I would like to talk to you guys about, this one has to do with “smokers”.

  • A gentlemen by the name of Lauren A. Colby’s has written a book called “In the Defense of Smokers”. In his book he talks about how smokers are being hounded and force to stand outside in the cold weather for wanting to enjoy the simple pleasure of a smoke. Mr. Colby is a practicing attorney and his moto is “special attention to difficult cases” . i personally think that this is awesome. But I think he would be able to make a much stronger point if he were a smoker himself. For all I know he might be, but from the background information I got. I did not get that feeling. Therefore I do believe that the points he makes are credible I am not sure were I stand in taking a side with what he has to say. Especially since the issue of smoking is such a touchy subject to begin with. SO a

I shall leave you with this thought, S